'It breaks my heart knowing that I couldn't save him from this'

Last May, no one could understand why a UW college student jumped to his death on campus.

His parents say he did it because of a relatively unknown medical condition that they want you to know about.

Most of us blush when we're embarrassed, stressed or even given a compliment, but 5 percent of the population blush uncontrollably and excessively for no reason.

Brandon Thomas turned red every day and every time he encountered someone. Worried that people assumed he was ashamed and embarrassed, he started going out of his way to avoid people. He convinced himself he could no longer cope, never graduate from college, have a career or be in a serious relationship.

Last May he did the unthinkable -- he jumped from the top floor of his dorm.

"It breaks my heart knowing that I couldn't save him from this," said Dawn Thomas, Brandon's mother. "And as a parent, you want to save your kids from everything. Even though he was 20, he was still my little boy and I couldn't save him from it."

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