Is there a guinea-pig burglar on the loose in Seattle?

SEATTLE -- Is there a guinea-pig burglar* on the loose in Seattle?

No, probably not. But, that didn't stop one North Seattle resident from calling 911 last Friday to report that someone had broken into his apartment and stolen one of his three free-range guinea pigs.

According to the Seattle Police Department, a man returned to his apartment in the 8600 block of Aurora Avenue North after taking his kids to school to find the bug netting covering one of his kitchen windows disturbed and the female guinea pig missing.

The victim told police his guinea pigs are allowed to roam the apartment, but they are indoor pets and would never venture outside. He also said another resident in the apartment complex had her puppy stolen a while ago.

According to the police report for the incident, the netting covering the window was pushed out of the way but not enough to allow a person to climb through. Police were also unable to find any sign of footprints outside the window or scuffs on the window sill.

Other than the guinea pig, nothing else appeared to be missing from the apartment despite video games and tools being readily accessible, according to the report.

*That's a burglar who steals guinea pigs not a burglar who is a guinea pig, sadly.