Investigation into KOMO helicopter crash goes international

SEATTLE -- Keith McGuire says patience will help. When a helicopter comes crashing to the ground, though, everyone wants answers.

McGuire is a former National Transportation Safety Board regional director and says new information about the investigation should be taken as a good sign.

The NTSB tells KOMO that hydraulic components and flight parts of the helicopter have been taken to Chicago and also Toulouse, France, where some of them were originally manufactured. The parts will be tested as part of the ongoing crash reconstruction process.

"That is the most difficult exercise they've got. It's a discipline," McGuire said.

He says the process is akin to a legal case -- every possible explanation should be on the table until there is evidence to debunk it.

"Other times you're looking at that trying to figure out what didn't happen," he said.

While experts pore over the pieces, investigators will also head into flight simulators in Texas to try to get a feel for everything that could have happened that March day.

"They may just be trying to recreate the flight as best they can," McGuire said.