Intruders destroy $2,400 worth of Girl Scout cookies

MONROE, Wash. -- Police here are looking for three burglars who trashed a Girl Scout leader's garage and thousands of dollars worth of cookies.

Dee Brown said she went into her garage Sunday and discovered the intruders and the huge mess.

"I woke up because I heard a really loud crash and I thought it was our cats knocking something off the counter downstairs."

But it wasn't the cat. Brown told police she saw three people headed out the back door.

"They looked to be teenagers the way they were dressed," she said.

The intruders left Brown's garage in disarray, emptying cans of paint, oil and detergent over dozens of cases of Girl Scout cookies.

The mother of two Girl Scouts, Brown is known as the 'cookie mom' of her block.

"They obviously came here to destroy something," she said of the intruders, who also broke some of the family's hand-made Christmas ornaments.

Of the 52 cases of cookies that were in the garage, only one remained undamaged. Brown said the value of the destroyed cookies is about $2,400.

Despite the vandalism, Brown said her daughters would not be deterred from continuing their cookie sales.

"You didn't get my girls down. They're still selling cookies, they're still happy to be selling cookies," she said.

Police say the vandals also got away with a cordless screw driver and a small sledge hammer.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Monroe police.