Incredibly persistent burglar arrested again; wearing pants this time

SEATTLE -- Like a sticky-fingered moth drawn to the easily-burglarized flame, a wheelchair-bound thief was arrested after reportedly being trespassed from a Capitol Hill QFC four times in one night. At least this time he was wearing pants.

According to the Seattle Police Department report for the incident, the suspect, who readers may remember as the man arrested earlier this month while clad only in a bikini made of tomatoes, entered the QFC in the 1400 block of Broadway sometime overnight last Tuesday and was quickly caught stealing a package of fried chicken.

Despite store employees and one police officer repeatedly reminding the man he was trespassed from the store and not allowed in, he returned and was trespassed twice more, according to the report.

On his fourth trip into the store, only 15 minutes after being told not to go back in by a police officer, the man was caught stealing bottles of vodka, according to the report.

This time, he was arrested and booked into King County Jail for investigation of burglary.

The officer who arrested the man writes that the man is continually stealing from that QFC and that he has personally informed him many, many times he is no longer allowed in it.