In a room full of dogs, Amy the pig is a Babe

KENT, Wash. -- A dog training class in Kent has a special participant that's turning a lot of heads. Class leaders say there's never been a student quite like Amy the pig.

There are corgis and collies and labs on leashes inside the Family Dog Training Center, but visitors will sometimes hear a snort amid all the barking.

"The first time she saw and heard Amy, she kind of looked at me, and looked back at Amy like, what kind of dog is that?" said dog owner Paula Kurtz.

The odd looks soon stopped, and 5-month-old Amy is now just one of the pack.

Lori Stock has owned several dogs over the years, but she wanted a new animal to train. She says her extremely active indoor pig is a quicker study than past pets.

"She is the smartest dog I've ever trained," Stock said.

Amy has already graduated from puppy manners class and has moved on to agility and obedience, which training center owner Katy Lang says is a first.

"We actually had a pygmy goat come to several of our classes, and so when Lori asked me about bringing a pig, my response was 'sure why not?'" Lang said.

Pigs aren't natural retrievers, but Amy has a lot of incentives to do well in class. Stock said Amy is very motivated by food, and the beginner training uses lots of treats.

"She is quite eager to participate in class and do the homework outside of class," Stork said.

It turns out the love of food might be the biggest difference between Amy and her canine classmates. Lang said dogs eventually wean off the treats and behave to please their owners, while Amy is just a little porker who wants to keep eating her way through class.

Amy will demonstrate her new skills during the Seattle Kennel Club show on March 7-8. She and some of her classmates will perform a skit and a freestyle musical dance.