Idaho youngster survives flesh-eating bacteria

DIETRICH, Idaho (AP) - A young southern Idaho boy has returned home after a terrifying bout with a flesh-eating bacteria that doctors feared would kill him.

Slade Dill, an eighth-grader at Dietrich School near Twin Falls, was playing tag at school Sept. 18 when he cut his knee.

The Twin Falls Times-News reports what initially appeared to be "no big deal" became far worse: Dill's leg began to swell, and CT scans showed the infection had spread to his abdomen and chest.

Doctors quickly flew him to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, where he was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis.

A runner, Dill could have lost his leg.

But doctors didn't amputate - because they didn't expect him to live.

Dill defied their expectations and is projected to make a complete recovery.