'I saw the car coming but had no time to jump out of the way'

EVERETT, Wash. - An Everett woman is still recovering more than a month after suffering two broken legs at the hand of a hit-and-run driver.

The 52-year-old was walking home after buying a cup of coffee from a McDonalds on a sunny Sunday afternoon when she stepped off the curb and stepped into the path of a car as it blew through a red light.

"I saw the car coming but had no time to jump out of the way or anything and it hit me," Patty Heller said.

Heller rolled off the hood and hit the pavement.

"It hurt a lot," she said.

The driver turned and sped off, but witnesses ran into the busy road to help.

"A couple of people rushed over and sat with me and held my hand and told me not to get up," Heller said.

Heller faces another 3-6 weeks in a rehab facility, unable to work or walk with a broken toe, road burns and other broken bones in both legs.

Heller doesn't remember much, but believes the car was dark gray. Officers took her clothing to try and match paint chips and reviewed security camera footage from the area.

"Thinking somebody could get away with a crime this horrible and not feel guilty, makes me kind of upset," Heller said.

In the meantime, Heller is doing the only thing she can for herself and her family - just heal.

"Why did it all happen?" she wondered. "I just wanted to keep living my life how it was and now it's all changed."

Detectives are still looking for leads or details from people who saw the crash. If you have any information, call Everett Police.