'I just broke down': War heroes in need get a much-needed break

A family with two war heroes got a badly needed boost this week when they got a huge surprise - a set of wheels.

And they're not just any wheels - this vehicle is a lifeline.

On the battlefield in Iraq a local couple both served as Army medics helping the wounded. Craig and Maria Sotebeer served their country, with Craig earning a Purple Heart, but coming home disabled.

"It's a bitter pill to swallow sometimes when you have to reach out for help - especially after spending 14 years in the Army and being successful at it," he says.

After their car wore out, they didn't know what they would do.

"It's very difficult to get by with a baby and not have a reliable vehicle," says Maria.

Not to mention Craig and Maria's medical appointments.

That's where Carstar came in. The chain of repair shops fixes lightly damaged vehicles and gives them to people in need.

"It was just clear as a bell that they were the ones that were really deserving, and we really thought the van would make a big difference in their lives," says Carstar's Curt Johnson. "We have the van; we know what our goal is. We wanted to find somebody that we think really is in need."

The van is a godsend for the couple.

"And I just broke down," says Maria. "This normally doesn't happen to us. It's not every day someone says they are going to give you a free car, so it was a great feeling, I didn't know what else to do except cry."

"Well, it means first and foremost my wife and I can get to our appointments," says Craig.

Making life easier for two heroes.