'I Hate Teen Moms' Facebook page stirs controversy

SEATTLE -- A Facebook page called "I Hate Teen Moms" is stirring controversy while getting tens of thousands of "likes." Some argue the page is out of line and akin to bullying, while others defend it as free speech.

The page's administrator says it's nothing more than dark humor and satire, but the comments on the page range from random rants to hurtful name calling.

Local teens seem to be divided about the page.

"They feel like they can say whatever they want because there will be no consequences," said 17-year-old Brandon Vincent.

The page administrator said teen moms think they're morally superior for keeping their babies, and he said the page is against children having children.

But some teens say they don't see how page would work to prevent teen pregnancy.

"They already have the kid and I don't think slandering other teenage moms is going to help," said 17-year-old Mark Robinson.

At least one teen mom in the area was so disgusted with the comments on the page that she reported it to Facebook. She didn't want to take part in this story, but said she can't believe Facebook allows the page to continue.

Facebook officials did respond to the teen's complaint, writing, "We understand that you may not like the reported content. To balance the needs and interests of a global population, Facebook protects expression that meets our Community Standards."

"It just seems really unnecessary and hurtful and a bad use of social networking," said adult Shelly Shay.

Facebook says if gives people around the world the power to publish their own stories and that these opinions mirror the diversity of people using the site.

The Washington Attorney General's Office contacted Facebook for the teen who complained about the page, even the the AG doesn't have any legal authority to force a resolution.