I-5 lanes blocked after truck high-centers on barrier

LAKEWOOD, Wash. - Several lanes of Interstate 5 were blocked near the Highway 512 interchange for about two hours Wednesday morning after a truck high-centered on a jersey barrier in the middle of the freeway.

State troopers responded to the scene at about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday after receiving reports of a bad crash.

Trooper Guy Gill said the truck slid down the guardrail for about 120 feet before slamming into a light pole, which brought it to a stop.

Two southbound lanes and two northbound lanes were initially blocked by the accident as crews lifted the truck off the barrier, causing backups to form in both directions.

After the truck was removed, crews closed one lane in each direction to repair the damaged light pole. Those lanes were later reopened.

There was no immediate explanation for how the truck wound up in that position. No one was seriously hurt in the crash.