Homeowner pleads not guilty to murdering car prowler

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A Vancouver homeowner pleaded not guilty Tuesday morning to murdering a car prowler last month.

Sean H. Doucette, 27, was arraigned in Clark County Superior Court on one count of second-degree murder, a charge that does not require evidence of premeditated intent.

Trial was set for May 13.

Doucette did not speak during his arraignment, except to say "not guilty." Family members of the 19-year-old victim, Iosif Dumitrash, were present, but did not wish to make a statement to the media.

Dumitrash was shot and killed the early morning of Jan. 29 outside Doucette's home in the area of 150th Avenue and Northeast 33rd Street in Vancouver.

Doucette's attorney has said the situation started after his client confronted the man about breaking into a car parked across the street from Doucette's house.

A fight ensued when Doucette, who works as a security guard, took out his gun and shot Dumitrash four times, the attorney said.

Doucette's wife reportedly called 911 about the shooting, officials said.

According to court records, Doucette posted bond on Jan. 31 and was released from the Clark County Jail pending trial.