Homeowner holds would-be burglar at gunpoint

WEST SEATTLE - A rash of burglaries have a Seattle neighborhood on guard. So when a burglar prowled his West Seattle home, Christopher Mason took matters into his own hands.

The drama unfolded when Mason woke up to 36-year-old Joel Ferreiro prowling his home Thursday. He opened his back door and held Ferreiro at gunpoint.

"I opened the door - caught him off guard - the gun was in his face," Mason said. "I kept telling him to be calm, and not to run, and not to make any sudden movements."

Mason says Ferreiro wouldn't give-up the gun, and instead clinched his fists.

"That was when I smacked him. He seemed to be aggressive at that point," Mason said.

The two of them sat down and waited for the police, but Mason isn't the only victim.

According to Seattle Police Records, burglars hit at least 8 different homes during last week alone. They drive all over West Seattle scoping out their next victims.

Several witnesses have given similar descriptions of the suspects: A heavy-set man and a couple of teenagers driving around in gold Cadillac.

The friend of one victim says the suspect walked up to his home near Lincoln Park, and saw the same suspect walking out of his home carrying his electronics and safe.

Mason said he and Ferreiro had a heart to heart before police took him to jail.

"He said didn't hold it against me, and I also said sorry I had to clock you," Mason said. "I said hopefully this is a valuable learning experience for you."