Hollywood invades Everett for independent movie shoot

EVERETT, Wash. -- It hasn't won an Oscar but the city of Everett certainly won big lately, scoring another film project.

Just six months ago, a movie crew came to town to film "Seven Minutes" and now the city's hosting another independent film called "The Architect." Dozens of crew members rolled in well before dawn, hauling in chairs and tents, setting up lights and assembling cameras for their first day of shooting.

The neighborhood under this Hollywood invasion just found out a few days ago.

Kryssa Larama stood on her front porch, two young daughters at hand, staring down the street in the crisp morning air. She and her neighbors found fliers on their doors Friday.

"They didn't tell us much but they told us the title," Larama said. "So I looked it up and I know Parker Posey is in it, which is kind of exciting."

Parker Posey plays the wife opposite Eric McCormack. Nancy Cooper, who lives next door, had no idea McCormack was starring in this film.

"That is exciting! He's cute," she said.

This film is a comedy, where the architect, played by James Frain doesn't quite follow the couple's dream in designing their house.

"James is an English actor who's been in America a few years and I think people are going to be impressed with his performance," said Director Jonathan Parker. "It is a comedy but we always play comedies with tragedy, so it is fine line."

Parker also co-wrote the story with Katherine di Napoli. So why film in Everett?

"It's a very welcoming community -- very easy to shoot here," he said.

Larama says anytime you can get your city to have more people come through and know about it, it's wonderful.

"Everett seems like a forgotten place so it's interesting they're filming movies here," she added.

Cooper says she hopes she gets to be apart of the film.

"I think it's great, exciting... hope my house makes it in the film -- I think that would be awesome."

It just might. The scene being filmed on their street is a long one, with Posey and another actress engaging in quite a conversation while they walk the kids.

And to make it all work today, these homeowners say the director had just one request.

"Well, we had a big witch over our doorway they came and told us to remove it or asked us politely to remove all our decorations," Cooper said.

They're more than happy to comply, given the chance for a star sighting.

And just what do the stars and crew like to eat on a movie set?

The caterer tells me coffee and water are paramount, followed by dark chocolate and plenty of sandwiches. All that food and gear will be moved around Snohomish and King Counties in the coming weeks.

They'll also e filming quite a bit along Mukilteo Boulevard, where they recently shot video of a house being demolished. Also on the shot list: Downtown Seattle, the UW Campus and Queen Anne.

And they are looking to cast a few extra for this film. To be considered, head to