High schooler: 'The best thing I've ever gotten involved in'

SEATTLE - School kids with and without disabilities are showing how alike they really are. They're changing one another's lives - on the soccer field.

They wear the same uniforms. They play on the same team. Yet they are not all the same.

"I feel very excited, that's my second year playing," says disabled player Anna Leivestad.

Anna is special education student at Ingraham High School.

Jeanette Schwensen is not, but she plays right alongside her friend.

"It means a lot for me to have her as my companion and my teammate," she says.

They are among thousands of school kids statewide taking part in the Unified Soccer League. Special Olympics launched the program four years ago - and the Seattle district believes in it.

"We want to make sure all our kids with special needs are included in all the activities, and here's a wonderful opportunity for them," says Seattle Schools Superintendent Jose Banda.

They practice and play teams from other schools. But this is about more than sports.

"Being friends with everyone is really nice, and I like it a lot," says Anna.

And those friendships continue after the game is over.

"It's been probably the best thing I've ever gotten involved in in high school, and I'm so proud I'm part of the team," says Jeanette.

It just goes to show - kids are not so different after all.