High school prank leads to 38 suspensions in Tacoma

TACOMA, Wash. -- More than three dozen high school juniors have been suspended for two days following what the students call a "rite of passage."

But administrators at Stadium High School considered it an act of vandalism.

The pranksters considered the stunt just good clean fun. The picked on cars of sophomores and tagged them with shaving cream, silly string and condiments. They didn't think anything was wrong.

"We had the cops sitting out, like two of them, and they didn't do anything. They were like watching us do the things and they didn't seem to have a problem with it," said Blake Kulesza, one of the suspended students.

But some students apparently complained that a few of the cars were damaged in the process.

"It was all in school spirit, but certainly we don't promote vandalizing cars in the name of school spirit," said Elle Warmuth with the Tacoma School District.

The administrators tracked down 38 juniors after they were all talking about what they'd done on Twitter. They were suspended the final two days of the school year.

"So we really felt the students needed to suffer some consequences that were appropriate for what they had done," said Warmuth.

"I think suspension is just ridiculous because they knew it was going to happen, but yet they didn't do anything," said suspended student Michael Radford.

The suspended juniors claim this has been a rite of passage every year for the past several years: to throw water balloons and spray stuff on cars off campus.

"Everyone who got suspended are practically all on honor roll, good grades, good kids, never been suspended, lunch detention or anything," said suspended student Chad Kulesza.

Now they're worried about how this might affect their chances of getting into colleges next year.

If Blake and Chad seem familiar, they should.

"We're quadruplets," said Chad. "You've interview us before."

They are part of the Kulesza quads and we've chronicled them growing up.