High school coach disciplined for secret locker room video

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. - A local high school baseball coach has been disciplined for secretly shooting video inside his team's locker room.

South Kitsap High School Coach Jim Fairweather told police he set up the camera hoping to catch a thief who had been stealing from the varsity lockers. A custodian discovered the camera and informed school administrators.

It happened in late April.

South Kitsap district superintendent Dave LaRose says Fairweather "took an action that is indefensible and puts kids' right to privacy at risk." LaRose called the action "not acceptable."

School administrators declined to say how Fairweather was disciplined. He is also a teacher at South Kitsap High and has retained his job, school officials said.

LaRose says the video runs for one hour. "There are no identifiable students, and absolutely, positively no lewd or obscene images," he says.

Prosecutors have not charged Fairweather with a crime, saying his actions do not rise to the level of voyeurism.

Fairweather told police he ran the video plan past several other coaches. He said only one told him "I wouldn't do that."

The district is taking a look at those other coaches.

"Anybody who played a role in this, whether it was their action or inaction that potentially enabled this to happen, is being addressed and facing corrective action," LaRose says.