Puyallup River flooding forces partial closure of popular trail

Puyallup River flooding forces partial closure of popular trail. (KOMO News)

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- All the rain this weekend caused several area rivers to rise, which lead to fears over flooding across the region.

The Puyallup River is running so high, so fast that water covered portions of the Riverwalk Trail today. The city closed a portion of the trail near 9th Street Northwest.

In all of Dennis Peterson's years walking up and down the trail, it's been a while since he's seen the river run so high, so fast at this point in the year, he said.

"This type of thing is more frequent in the spring, you know?" Peterson said.

Large logs rapidly moved downstream Sunday as water covered portions of Peterson's daily, miles-long path.

The City of Puyallup put out signs Sunday morning to urge walkers and runners to stay away until the water recedes.

"There was like little waves coming in," Peterson said followed by a chuckle.

"The volume of water is just phenomenal," added walker Bernie Reichel, who came out to the trail with his three dogs. "It’s a combination of snow melt, the warmer temperatures and the rain fall combined. So, since we had an early snowfall, it’s perfect conditions for this."

That same combination lead to some spectacular sights at Snoqualmie Falls and along the Snoqualmie River, two of several areas across the region hit by minor to moderate flooding.

Unfortunately, flooding meant Larkin's outdoor adventure at the Three Rivers dog park two and a half miles away will have for another time. Larkin is a Golden Retriever.

"Our poor beautiful park got flooded by the rain last night," said Larkin's owner Michelle Alexanderson.

By Sunday afternoon, another dose of rain in Puyallup gave way to blue skies and signs that the water level was on its way back down.

"It was probably a week-and-a-half ago, I seen fishermen standing out in the river fishing, and they were catching salmon," Peterson said. "And I think it’d probably be over their head now."

Peterson didn't spot any fishermen during his walk on Sunday.

But who knows what tomorrow will bring.

"Have a good day!" Peterson exclaimed as he walked down the path.

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