Heavy rains disrupt train service, threatens Mukilteo home

MUKILTEO, Wash. - Landslides along the BNSF Railway Co. tracks continue to disrupt Amtrak passenger service between Seattle and Everett.

On Saturday afternoon, a mudslide near Mukilteo prompted a 48 hour suspension of all passenger service trains between Seattle and Everett and forced freight trains to stop operating for a short time as crews removed debris from the tracks.

The landslide marked the fourth incident this week along the Seattle to Everett corridor.

In the same area, the heavy rainfall continues to wash away the backyard of a Mukilteo property that overlooks the BNSF railroad track.

"It looks like all that front land washed away and over," said Tina O'Donnell who returned home Saturday evening to inspect the damage.

O'Donnell's backyard began crumbling during the last year but now the slope is just feet from O'Donnell's home. She and her husband are working with the railway company to stabilize the slope.

"It's getting pretty close," said O'Donnell.

There's even a pipe hanging above the slope in O'Donnell's backyard that used to be underground - it connects to a neighbor's sewer line.

"Been a big worry, definitely. But I don't know. We've got everybody praying for us at church and so that's good and we go as we can," said O'Donnell.

While the passenger trains are out of service, chartered buses are being provided between Seattle and Everett and will cover all missed stops.