Heavy rain triggers flooding in Marysville neighborhood

MARYSVILLE, Wash. - A clean-up is under way in Marysville after heavy rain flooded a residential neighborhood there.

The wild weather swept through the Snohomish County community Sunday evening, flooding streets and cars. A National Weather Service spotter reported 1.25 inches of rain fell in just three hours as the storm cell stalled over the area.

Neighbors said the streets looked more like canals as the heavy rains quickly overwhelmed storm drains and began backing up.

The Parkview Estates neighborhood was one of the hardest hit areas.

"The rain was coming down at such a rate that the streets started to fill up probably within a half hour easy," said Sam Davis, who lives in the neighborhood.

Cars began taking on water as the streets filled, and neighbors scrambled to get vehicles to higher ground.

A street cleaner came out Monday morning in the aftermath of the flooding, picking up the mud and debris left in the road.

It's not clear if there was some short of problem with the storm drains that resulted in all the flooding.