Heat bears down, Puget Sound residents find a way to cool down

A heat wave continued to rip through Puget Sound Sunday, sparking a heat advisory from the National Weather Service that will be in effect through Tuesday night.

Temperatures pushed above 90 degrees in some places on Sunday, and the heat shows no signs of letting up.

That resulted in a rush on on fans, air conditioning units and plastic pools at the Monroe Fred Meyer in Snohomish County.

By Saturday afternoon the store sold out of its air conditioners.

"Well, my selection of fans is a little limited today," a clerk said.

Anybody in the aisle behind Laura Crouse was out of luck as she grabbed a fan.

"I'm taking it. Last year we got in here and there was nothing left," she said. "I just got the last one, yay!"

Not everybody can get to Alki Beach, where cold water and a steady breeze are a comfort.

Some families are mostly stuck in the house.

Shannon and Jeff Hotchkiss in West Seattle are trying to keep their month-old son comfortable.

His mother-in-law, Debbie Binford, was smart -- she bought fans before the heat wave.

"I just stand in front of the fan he stops crying for a minute at least," Shannon Hotchkiss said. "I don't know if it distracts him or not but it seems to be cooling him off."

Meanwhile, dad's supplying mom with a steady stream of ice water.

Heat makes parenting a little more challenging.

Constantly moving, trying to keep people cool, trying to keep people fed, adds another layer to the already daunting task of trying to get some sleep and stay functional.

Doug Bowers and his wife have an ad on Craig's list inviting anybody to their home in Monroe to cool off.

They might just find some takers in the next day or so.

Bowers wants you to love his pool, too.

"I'm sweating now and it hasn't even started to peak. I love my pool," he said. "I've offered to give rides. Pick people up and drive them to the pool. I'm always like we can make it through but then you get to it and it's like no, it's really too hard. It's too hard I can't do."