'Heard what sounded like firecrackers and realized it was a shooting'

SEATTLE -- Buses were full of riders again Tuesday morning just 24 hours after a man shot a Metro bus driver, then was fatally shot by police officers.

Jeanna was among many on their regular No. 27 bus route -- the same route that had the shooting on Monday.

"Maybe a little apprehension but it was my usual day," she said. "And I've been taking the bus for five years and never ever saw anything like that."

Both Jeanna and fellow rider Mary witnessed the horror of their bus driver getting shot by a man accused of getting on without paying.

"Heard what sounded like firecrackers and realized it was a shooting so I just kind of crouched down," Jeanna said.

From her hiding spot, Jeanna then saw people running off the back of the bus so she escaped with them. The gunman, Martin Duckworth, also escaped with police chasing him down the street.

He jumped on another bus and officers fatally shot him.

"And we heard like six, seven shots fired, Jeanna said. "We looked over there and we seen like a hundred people just running and racing."

The driver, Deloy Dupuis, is home recovering and all passengers found safety. But does this incident cry for more security?

"I think more needs to be done because rate of violence and disorder and thuggery have become epidemic," said Rich Chan. "I mean, this is a broken city."

But Mary says Monday's event's won't deter her from taking the bus.

"The bus is still a safe way to travel," she said. "I've been using the bus for five years now it's now I always get around Seattle, so I wasn't about to stop riding it."

King County Metro looked at ways to protect drivers about three years ago after one was assaulted but at the time the drivers decided there were more negatives than positives.