Half naked Lake Stevens man arrested for 3rd DUI after crash

SEATTLE -- Troopers say a Lake Stevens man was so high on drugs this weekend that he thought he was dreaming as he careened down I-5 crashing into cars.

Jonathan Harty was cited for his third DUI on Saturday after taking his daughters on a wild ride down I-5 that ended after he hit several cars and crashed.

Harty's father, John, said he thought his son had learned his lesson and was finally on the right path.

"He's taken my heart. He's taken it. I don't feel nothing," he said. "I bent over backwards to help him, to get him on the right track, and I thought we were there."

Troopers say Harty was out of control Saturday night as he sped through traffic and hit as many as four vehicles. His 4 -and 7-year old daughters were in the back seat the whole time, according to their mother.

"(She said) 'Mommy, I was telling him that he needed to slow down," said Amy Harty. "And he was going in an out of the cars and her and her sister was scared."

Troopers say Harty eventually crashed, and when they found him he was naked from the waist down.

Paul Cooper is Harty's father in law and said he only just learned that Harty had two DUIs prior to Saturday's crash.

The Washington State Patrol said Harty was supposed to have an interlock device on his car, but court records show his interlock requirement ended a month ago.

There have been several tragic DUI-related deaths in recent weeks. When Cooper learned of this weekend's arrest, he said he mind immediately went to the case of Mark Mullan, the Seattle man with five prior DUIs who failed to install an interlock device on his truck and then allegedly hit four people, killing two of them.

"Last night I could have lost my granddaughters," Cooper said. "You know, the people in Seattle lost their mother and father, and they are still in the hospital in a coma. I mean this has got to stop."

Harty was originally being held on $6,000 bail, but on Monday a judge bumped that up to $150,000. He remains in custody.