'Gunfire, panic, blood': Huge drill simulates campus shooting

BREMERTON, Wash. - People living near Olympic College in Bremerton got a close-up look this week at what would happen if a gunman was loose on the campus.

A massive drill with hundreds of people was frighteningly real - and organizers say that realism could mean the difference between life and death in a real emergency.

The "victims" have gruesome injuries. Some look like they have been shot. Others are stuck with glass after trying to escape through a broken window.

But all the gunfire, panic and blood was fake - an "active shooter" training exercise that took place Friday.

More than 300 first responders and actors went through the drill.

"We have multiple law enforcement agencies who have responded along with several fire and rescue units," says Deputy Scott Wilson of the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office.

In the scenario, a gunman is loose on the campus. Law enforcement has to take him down, while emergency crews tend to victims.

"Sadly, and the reality of the world we live in today, this is a real possibility," says Olympic College's Amanda Gebhardt-Fuentes. "And we just want to make sure everybody has a clear, simple plan of action."

Local law enforcement agencies, Kitsap County fire districts, Harrison Medical Center, the Washington State Youth Academy and Kitsap County Emergency Management all took part in the training.

While some people living nearby were startled to see the huge response, those involved say nothing makes them better prepared than live training.

"The events of earlier this week in Washington, D.C., reflect that," says Wilson. "This is an exercise that has been planned for well over a year."

So if something like this ever happens for real, they can get their jobs done faster - saving lives.