Gun control initiative racking up signatures 'very, very quickly'

OLYMPIA, Wash. - A voter initiative that would make it tougher to buy a gun looks like it's headed for a statewide ballot.

Supporters of Initiative 594 say they'll turn in nearly 70 percent of their target of 325,000 signatures Wednesday morning, nearly three months before the Jan. 3 deadline.

"We've only been gathering signatures for about three months, so we got to 250,000 very, very quickly. We're incredibly pleased with how people responded," said Zach Silk with the I-594 campaign.

An initiative requires at least 246,372 valid signatures of registered state voters to be certified, though the secretary of state's office suggests at least 320,000 as a buffer for any duplicate or invalid signatures. Silk says his group the Alliance For Gun Responsibility will continue to gather signatures up until the deadline.

I-594 would require background checks for online gun sales and private transactions, closing what many call the "gun show loophole." The checks would be conducted at federally licensed firearm dealers, where people already must undergo such scrutiny before purchasing a new weapon.

Meanwhile, a competing gun initiative seeks to prevent the additional background checks.

Alan Gottlieb with the I-591 campaign says his initiative has two clauses. "The first is that no state agency can confiscate anybody's firearm without the due process of law. The second is no state agency can enforce any background check unless it meets a uniform national standard."

Gottlieb says his group, Protect Our Gun Rights, will have enough signatures by Jan. 3 to qualify for the 2014 ballot.