Greenwood burglaries on the rise since May

Surveillance video shows burglar breaking into Made Sewing Studio in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood.

SEATTLE -- Burglaries in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood have spiked since the start of May after a steady drop over the past few months.

Seattle Police received 30 reports of burglary in Greenwood during May -- a level that's only happened twice in the past 10 years when November had December had 31 and 32 burglaries in 2015.

And so far this month, they've had another nine burglaries.

A burglar used a crow bar to break into Made Sewing Studio early Saturday morning. A surveillance camera caught him searching the store, but he found little. He ended of unscrewing the television from a mount and carefully walking out with it.

“What did you think you were going to find?” owner Carisa Brunner joked. “It’s a sewing studio.”

Brunner says this is the second time she’s been broken into. The first was in late 2015.

“And it makes me really anxious,” she said. “Like every time my phone rings, I’m like 'Oh my God, please don’t let it be someone breaking in.' ”

Seattle Police say this isn’t a cause for concern because crime often fluctuates, and a one-month spike is no indication of a trend. A spike like this, they say, was likely caused by a prolific burglar or a burglary ring.

Overall, SPD says burglaries are actually trending down in Greenwood, where they’ve dropped 22 percent year to date.

SPD says the department and the property crimes task force monitors these trends closely, and Major Crimes gets involved when needed. They also deploy officers strategically based on which areas are seeing short-term spikes in crime. They say they focus on people, focus on places and focus on trends.

Last year, several business owners told KOMO News they were worried about the rise in burglaries at the end of 2015. Seattle Police met with business leaders in the community, and after that the numbers trended down.

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