Grays Harbor man found guilty of assault in 2012 courthouse attack

CHEHALIS, Wash. -- A Grays Harbor man was found guilty Wednesday on three counts in 2012 attack on a judge and court deputy.

Steven Kravetz was convicted of first degree assault for shooting deputy Poly Davin and second degree assault for stabbing judge David Edwards when he came to her rescue.

Davin testified last week that she thought Kravetz was acting strange on the day of the attack.

"I told him he was kind of creeping out the people in the courthouse," she said.

As Davin questioned him, prosecutors say Kravetz lashed out at her with a knife, cutting her cheek and throat.

Prosecutors say Kravetz attacked Davin because he had a warrant out for his arrest and didn't want to be taken into custody. His defense attorney didn't deny his client was the attacker, but argued Kravetz has a diminished capacity and didn't intend to kill anyone.

Kravetz was also convicted of disarming a law enforcement officer, but the jury found him not guilty of the more serious charge of attempted murder.