Granite Falls teen standing up to her bullies

GRANITE FALLS, Wash. -- High school homecoming should be a happy time, but the season is coming under a dark cloud for one Granite Falls High School student.

Friends of sophomore Sadie Rose say she's funny, but too often she ends up the butt of other students' jokes. An especially cruel prank left her publicly humiliated, but Rose is refusing to let the bullies win.

"Pretty much what I'm going through right now is very very stressful," Rose said.

Being a teenager can have its moments, but the kind of strain Rose is facing comes from a force she'd rather not face.

"This is the one thing I wanted to avoid in high school," she said.

Crowds aren't her thing, so Rose had no intention of going to homecoming. But somehow she ended up a finalist for homecoming princess, along with two others.

"I hear my name and I'm thrilled that I won," said fellow finalist Mikaela Edwards. "And then I hear Marissa's. And then I hear Sadie's, and everyone just starts laughing."

The students at Granite Falls High School voted for Rose as a joke. Her best friend, Kelsi Berg, was sitting next to her in class when the announcement came over the loud speaker.

"She dropped her head into her hands," Berg said. "And it wasn't okay with me. It's not okay, bullying should never be taken so far."

Rose said it was an uncomfortable moment. Unfortunately, it wasn't the first time she's been bullied in this district. Rose said she started getting bullied in the third grade, and that bullying became physical as time went on.

"The shoving, the pushing, the tripping, and then in 8th grade it became very (bad), getting drug around," Rose said.

Rose's parents went to the school and the district demanding action, but father Jim Rose said he never felt like they took the bulling seriously.

"I mean when you grab somebody by the shirt and swing them around, to me that's a form of assault," he said.

Jim had to watch his daughter come home in tears after she was again the target of a mean-spirited prank.

School district officials say they're taking the prank very seriously and have launched a full investigation to get to the bottom of it.

In the meantime, homecoming is next week, and Rose is refusing to let it get her down.

"I'm going to go to homecoming,' she said. "I'm going to have a great time and I'm going to show everybody that, hey, I'm Sadie and I'm just being me."

She said she's standing up to her bullies and looking at the positives.

"How many girls get this opportunity?" she said.

From her shoes to her dress, Rose is ready to turn this dark moment into her time to shine.

"I need to prove that Granite Falls is better than what most people say," she said.

The homecoming princess will be announced Friday.