Graffiti vandals leave swath of damage in Ballard

SEATTLE - Police are investigating a tagging spree in the Ballard neighborhood that left at least six vehicles marred by spray paint.

Residents say they believe it happened sometime before 11 p.m. Saturday, but most didn't discover the damage until Sunday morning.

"It's disturbing," said Dennis Ryan, who, with the help of neighbors, was able to remove the paint his white van. "I don't understand why someone would target our neighborhood."

One of the vehicles belonged to the late husband of Angelita Carbaugh. She was shocked to find the hood of his truck vandalized.

"I miss my husband so much," she said.

Neighbors say she sits in the truck once a week to reminisce about her husband.

Meghan Fuller was so upset at what happened she spent part of the day cleaning the pain off the truck.

"That's just so sad," Meghan said. "I feel just terrible for her."

The vandals targeted only white vehicles. They also hit one house, spray painting letters on the garage door.

Seattle police did respond, sending out an officer to document the graffiti and contact the victims.