Gonzaga students face expulsion for having gun

SPOKANE, Wash. - Two Washington students say having a gun in their apartment saved their lives, but now they may get kicked out of school.

The Gonzaga students say when John Taylor, a six-time convicted felon, knocked on their door asking for money, they knew he was going to force his way in to their apartment.

"He starts coming more in the doorway, and I yell for my roommate Dan," student Eric Fagan says. "At which point Dan comes down the stairs and around the corner."

Dan McIntosh drew his weapon, and Taylor immediately fled. No one was hurt, but police confiscated a pistol and a shotgun from the apartment.

The student handbook says students may not have handguns on campus or university owned property, and university officials explain the policy is in place for student safety.

McIntosh has a concealed weapons permit for the gun, and did not know it was in violation of school policy at the time.

A university discipline board decided to move forward with sanctions, including possible expulsion for the Oct. 24 incident.