Garbage truck wipes out power lines in Tacoma

TACOMA, Wash. -- Power crews had to clean up quite a mess along South Tacoma Way Wednesday morning after a garbage truck took down several power lines.

Officials said the truck just left its station a few blocks away with its back lift still up, which in turn snagged a few lines as the driver went down the street.

Video from Air 4 showed a few power lines still attached to the back of the truck's lift, and two power poles that had been toppled. About a dozen businesses were left without power but no one was hurt.

"I first heard a loud pop and turned and saw the telephone pole break in half, and then a big orange ball of... I don't know what," said witness Tami Staab.

Clean up efforts kept the area around S. Tacoma Way and Pine Street shut down for several hours before reopening late Wednesday afternoon.

There is no word if the driver will be cited.