Former Seahawk Brady Quinn helps wounded Iraq vet

ONALASKA, Wash. -- An army of volunteers has descended on a wounded veteran's Lewis County home armed with hammers and saws.

Former Sgt. Trevor Phillips was severely injured in a bomb blast in Iraq, and now people are lining up to help upgrade his house. It's an effort led by former Seahawk quarterback Brady Quinn.

"We're starting with the outside of the house. Put a skin on it," said crew leader Tom Hoban.

Phillips would do the work himself, but he lost much of his arm in a bomb blast in Iraq a decade ago.

"I had a roadside bomb that had a piece of shrapnel stuck in my shoulder and of course loss of my right hand," Phillips said.

He was a crewmember aboard a Stryker vehicle when he was attacked. His fellow Stryker soldiers returned home to a hero's welcome in 2004. Phillips wasn't able to be there, but he finally got a welcome home at the Veteran's Day observance in Chehalis.

Grateful volunteers are now working to upgrade his home with new fixtures, floors and doors to make it easier for a one-armed person. It's courtesy of a veterans' support group called the 3rd and Goal Foundation, which is headed up by Quinn.

"Well, Brady has a pretty big heart. He's a pretty special guy," said Hoban, who runs Coast Property Management and, like Quinn, is a Notre Dame alum.

Coast Property Management is providing the labor. While Phillips watches the crews working on his house, he's also watching the current events in Iraq right now. He said it's tough to see much of what they fought for being lost to insurgents, but doesn't regret going.

"I''d rather fight it over there than in our backyard," he said.

This is the first project outside Ohio for 3rd and Goal, and the group hopes to do more.