Former Microsoft Exec: 'No real technical leadership inside the company'

SEATTLE - A former high level Microsoft executive has written a rare tell-all book in which he questions CEO Steve Ballmer's leadership.

KOMO 4 News Reporter Matt Markovich sat down with Joachim Kempin for a revealing interview recently and asked him directly about Ballmer.

"I think he's a great COO," said Kempin. "As CEO I think he needs to have more of a technical vision."

Kempin's book 'Resolve and Fortitude: Microsoft's "secret power broker" breaks his silence' was published earlier this year.

When Kempin started at Microsoft the company had just 400 employees. When Kempin left there were 50,000 and he says times have certainly changed along with leaders.

"Bill Gates was 'let's go and get this done,'" said Kempin. "There is no real technical leader inside the company [now]."

Ballmer is betting big that the Xbox gaming system and the new Surface tablet will be profit centers.

"But Kempin, who knows the PC market extremely well, tells me it's a bad bet," said KOMO 4 News Reporter Matt Markovich.

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