Former longtime Lynnwood Police dog "Buddy" passes away

LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- A longtime police dog for the Lynnwood Police Department has passed away, the department announced Thursday.

"Buddy" had worked for the department for eight years before his retirement in February. He died Saturday after a long battle with cancer, the department said.

Buddy was a dual-purpose dog trained to locate hidden criminal suspects, and missing persons, and trained to sniff out illegal drugs. Lynnwood police say Buddy was responsible for over 200 captures of criminals and hundreds of drug finds. He and his handler Sgt. Cole Langdon have received numerous departmental awards for their service.

"K-9 Buddy was a tremendous law enforcement asset to not only the Lynnwood Police Department but to region as well," department officials wrote in a press release.

Lynnwood police say donations of support in honor of K-9 Buddy and the Lynnwood K-9 Division are gladly accepted at the Lynnwood Police Department front desk or by mail to 19321 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, Attention Lynnwood Police Officers Association (LPOA).