For the second time, thieves steal plants from Roy Cub Scouts

ROY, Wash. -- Some Cub Scouts in Roy were learning the importance of community service when they instead learned the tough life lesson that sometimes people do bad things.

In November, about two dozen Cub Scouts pulled weeds, shoveled dirt, dug holes and planted trees and bulbs at their school.

"They were all soaking wet and happy as could be because they were doing something so nice for their school," said Cubmaster Kendra Elder.

But just two days after finishing the six-hour project, the trees they'd planted were stolen. Now, just as the bulbs were blossoming over spring break, the flower beds were hit again.

School principal Christoph Green is not happy about the thefts.

"There's definitely holes here where somebody dug them right up," he said. "Popped them right out took them and they're gone."

In addition to their hard physical work, the pack also raised $400 to beautify the beds.

"I was sad because all of our hard work went to waste and I was angry of what people did," said scout Bryce Elder.

They have more planting planned, but the pack leaders and principal are apprehensive.

"Now we're really hesitant to plant anything because it seems like we're throwing money down the drain and if this is going happen two times, it'll probably happen a third," Green said.

While the theft is certainly disheartening, Kendra Elder said the boys will learn that they can overcome disappointment.

"The good will win in the end," she said. "It really will and we'll keep coming out here and fixing this."

After seeing news of the theft posted on Facebook, a few people have offered to donate bulbs, but not nearly the number that were stolen.