For 5th time in 7 years, arsonist hits Bremerton DOC office

BREMERTON, Wash. -- An arsonist or arsonists once again hit the state Department of Corrections office in Bremerton just hours after KOMO news aired a report on a recent string of arsons at the site.

Now police are intensifying their search for someone who has a grudge against the prison system.

Construction worker Tom Biggs, who is fixing the damage from previous arsons, said the hole in the plastic covering was his first sign that something bad had happened down below.

"The flames just had to jump up the side of that and just melt it. Pretty crazy, huh?" he said.

Another arson just outside the back doors of the field office of the DOC happened in the same place where KOMO delivered a live report Friday evening. Just 11 hours later, Bremerton police believe the same suspect or group of suspects came back and torched the place again. It's the 5th time in the last seven years.

"I only thought it was three," said construction worker Don McDaniel. "I didn't know it was five. But there's some crazy people out there."

Police say the arson spree dates back to April of 2007, when someone threw a Molotov cocktail through the glass. The targets since then have been a dumpster in 2012 and then twice last year to the backdoor area of the DOC field office. It handles supervision of all felons in the area who've been released from prison.

"It's a crime where it's making somebody feel good," said Steve Strachan, Bremerton police chief. "It's out of anger or revenge and when that comes up it usually means they're going to tell somebody about it."

The construction team has been working for several weeks repairing the damage from the arson last November. Now they have to deal with the minor damage from Saturday's arson.

Construction worker McDaniel, "That's the bad thing. Next time someone might get hurt." Biggs said. "I think they need to catch the guy."