First Hill streetcar resumes service Monday morning

PKG- FIRST HILL STREETCAR.transfer_frame_0.jpg

SEATTLE -- The First Hill Streetcar, out of service since March 1, will resume full operations beginning at 5 a.m. Monday, the Seattle Transportation Department said Sunday night.

Early on March 1, a streetcar was headed southbound on Broadway when it slid to a stop after unexpectedly losing power near Seattle's International District.

All streetcars from First Hill and one car from South Lake Union were taken out of service after what the Transportation Department said was an electromechanical malfunction that caused a loss of power.

The Transportation Department said the entire fleet had a modification that was installed and tested.

"The modifications and operating orders have been reviewed and approved by the required safety officials. With these modifications, operating orders, and safety approvals in place, the vehicles are safe and operational for return to service," the Transportation Department said,

"To date, SDOT has been working diligently to resolve the issue and has developed an electrical modification to ensure power to the track brake in the event of a loss of power. In addition, SDOT and King County Metro (KCM) will implement an operating speed limit of 7 M.P.H. and two safety stops on the section of track where the issue occurred and steep gradient exists."

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