Firefighters honor girl, 6, who called 911 to help her mom

KELSO, Wash. - When six-year-old Katja Field's mom was suffering a medical emergency earlier this year, Katja calmly called 911 and stayed on the line until help arrived.

Her mother, Rachel, ended up OK, thanks to her daughter and the paramedics who helped her.

On Friday, Firefighters with Cowlitz Fire and Rescue District 2 gave Katja an award for her actions. They gave her a sterling silver citizen award coin, a framed award signed by the Fire Chief and a firefighter's helmet filled with candy. Katja also got to take a ride in the fire engine around the block.

"She remained calm which helped us greatly in managing the emergency. I'm glad we were able to thank her this way," said paramedic Dan Cothren, who recommended Katja received the award.

"She did great. We work in an often tense and high stress environment. When family members and bystanders remain calm and relay information to us it helps tremendously," said Lieutenant Darryl Arrera . "Practicing what to do if and when an emergency occurs is smart. Here's a family that's done it and it's paid off."

Katja's family said they have trained on what to do when these types of emergencies occur.