Finder of dead baby: 'This can't be real ... I didn't want it to be real'

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. - The woman who made the gruesome discovery of a dead baby lying in the brush in Ocean Shores on Friday says it was one of the most traumatic experiences of her life.

"This can't be real, and I didn't want it to be real," Diane Smith said in an exclusive interview with KOMO News.

Police later located the newborn baby's 21-year-old birth mother and her boyfriend and are questioning them in connection with the death.

Diane says she found the baby's tiny body just a few steps from her walking route.

She says she could not believe her eyes at first - and now she's hoping that little baby will get some justice.

Diane says she was walking her dogs down Fisher Avenue NE in Ocean Shores on Friday afternoon around 6 p.m. when she noticed something unusual.

"I just happened to look up, and there's a wash cloth hanging on a branch," she says. The washcloth was covered in blood.

"I knew something was wrong, and I went and looked in the woods, and I happened to see this baby laying there," she says.

Diane couldn't believe her eyes - a lifeless baby lying just six steps from the road, covered in leaves.

"It looked pretty young - like brand new, almost," she says. "I saw part of the face and the ear and a little bit of the arm and hand so ..."

She ran to a neighbor's house for help. Police arrived quickly at the scene.

Once word got out about the baby's death, police say, citizen tips from media reports led them to the 21-year-old birth mother and her boyfriend.

Investigators believe the baby was born at the Oasis Motel in Ocean Shores, then brought to the Fisher Avenue location and dumped in the brush.

"I can't believe anyone could do this to their own child," says Diane.

Police say they should have the autopsy results on Monday. After that they will decide whether or not the parents will face any charges.