'Find my iPad' leads police to meth and cash, too

ARLINGTON, WA -- A digital trail can go just about anywhere, but if you want to commit a crime you'll be followed.

Thursday evening a thief went into the Arlington AT&T store and quickly grabbed an iPad and ran out.

Alejandro Roda is a representative for the company and said the 35 second crime was surprisingly easy to solve.

At least part of it.

Using the "Find my iPad" function, Arlington police tracked the iPad to a quiet neighborhood on the east side of town when it was turned back on.

"We were still able to actually ping it based off the LTE network and that's where we were able to narrow it down to a location and a specific address," Roda said.

When police conducted a search warrant Friday morning, officers said they found more than just a tablet.

They discovered methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, money and scales.

Looking over pictures from the scene from the first time, Roda held his demonstration tablet a little closer.

"Yeah, that is definitely lot more than an iPad. Wow," he said.

Residents in the home said officers did visit Friday morning, but they did not want to talk about the search.

So far police have not made arrests, but are continuing to piece together the case.