Federal Way police begin DUI patrols in honor of teen victims

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- Federal Way police are making the streets safer this weekend in honor of two teenagers who were killed nearly four years ago by a drunk driver.

Derek King and Nicholas Hodges, both students at Decatur High School, died in June 2010 after Alexander Peder hit their car on Interstate-5 in Tukwila. Peder had a history of DUI arrests.

"It's very difficult to live through it every single day," said Derek's father Randall King. "It will never go away. We'll always relive the moment of June 9th and when that happened."

Derek King was just an hour from his 19th birthday and a few days from high school graduation when he died.

Federal Way Police are now starting the "Nick and Derek Project" to let others know that driving while impaired will not be tolerated.

"The number one thing is it's a great way to memorialize two wonderful people who were our citizens and our students that died at the hands of a drunk driver," said Federal Way police spokeswoman Cathy Schrock.

Last week, City Council approved the police department's proposal to allocate $50,000 for 100 DUI patrols. The city is using revenue from the "Red Light Photo Enforcement" to pay for the project.

"That's been our whole premise for collecting that type of money is to be able to reinvest it in our community to do something good," said Schrock.

Federal way police respond to about 2,000 traffic accidents per year and 50 DUI calls. Beginning on Friday night, two officers will be dedicated to looking for those distracted and impaired drivers.

King hopes more communities will also get involved. "These things such as the Nick & Derek Project help us cope with it - that something is being done," said King.

Officers will be patrolling on Friday and Saturday night from 8 p.m. To 2 a.m.