Federal Way neighborhood hit with rash of burglaries

FEDERAL WAY, Wash -- Twenty four days. Eight burglaries. One neighborhood fighting back.

The Marine Hills subdivision in Federal Way has become a target for crooks in January. Thursday afternoon, a man was caught on camera taking multiple packages right off a front porch.

"Yeah, it makes you feel very uneasy that these people are out there," said one of the victims.

He and his wife posted the video online, hoping to get more attention.

But Tamara Abraham already has her guard up. She saw the theft happen and then chased after the man as he sped away in a car.

"It's just your first reaction that you want to help out and you want to make sure that someone isn't stealing from your neighbor," Abraham said.

Federal Way police say a school in the area had an attempted theft as well. Marine Hills is a wealthy neighborhood overlooking a bay, but crime has been a problem all month.

Victims want to increase police patrols and plan to beef up their own security at home.

"If anybody's going to come into this neighborhood, we're going to catch them and do our best to warn off the criminals moving forward."

Police recently arrested three men who were found in the neighborhood in a stolen vehicle, but the that didn't stop the thefts.