Federal Way man accused of raping mentally disabled woman

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- A Federal Way man is accused of repeatedely raping a mentally disabled woman over a four-year period.

Investigators say 67-year-old James Delong kept the woman in a "house of horrors" where he routinely had sex with her and allowed his friend have sex with her multiple times in exchange for money.

According to court documents, Delong bought the 51-year-old woman toys and children's books in order to get his way. A former housemate told police about the activities inside the house, saying the woman essentially lived as a sex slave.

Delong admitted they had sex "40 to 50 times," but he called it consensual, according to court documents. Delong also allegedly told detectives the woman "seemed like a 2-year old" and was easily compelled to perform.

"She has the education of a 7-year old or the mentality of a child, it's kind of a sad deal," said Ron Petersen.

He said the woman's disability left her practically non-verbal and unable to read or write. Peterson lives in an RV on the same property and shared a common room in the house with the woman and the other house mates.

"She was living up in the room on the other side," he said, pointing to the backside of the house, which sits along I-5 in Federal Way.

The woman who said she blew the whistle claims she was home schooling the disabled woman, teaching her ABCs, when she started acting strange. When the victim told her she was afraid of Delong and why, the former housemate went to the Federal Way Police Department.

Delong was arrested the next day.

"I'm very, very upset, very mad," said Petersen.

And so is their landlord, Joe Greene.

"It sits terrible with me," Green said. "It sits terrible with me."

Greene said he had no idea his tenant could be accused of such heinous crimes. In addition to alleged rape, charging papers say Delong on multiple occasion sold the victim and another woman to a man who paid $100 to have sex with the women.

"I didn't realize that was his character, I didn't," said Greene.

Delong is being held in jail, and his bail was set at $700,000. He's facing a rape and prostitution charges. He'll be in court to make a plea on March 9.