FBI: Navy Yard gunman had troubled past

SEATTLE - More red flags are emerging about the man who gunned down 12 people Monday at the Navy Shipyard in Washington D.C. The FBI says Aaron Alexis had a troubled past filled with guns, anger, and resentment.

The FBI went to the Alexis family home Monday night and questioned family members for hours, trying to find a motive.

Investigators say Alexis motive remains a mystery. They've learned that Alexis, who lived in New York City, had been staying in hotels in D.C. since August 25th, and visited a gun range just 2 days before the mass shooting.

The 34-year-old was a former Navy reservist, and a military contract who had recently contacted two VA hospitals for psychological issues.

"He wasn't an angry person, he was just a real jokester, always doing stuff to make people laugh," Melina Downs says.

"He was very frustrated with the government, and how as a veteran he didn't feel like he was getting treated right," Kristi Suthamtewakul says.

Alexis had two run-ins with the law over shootings, one in Texas, and here in Seattle outside his grandmother's Beacon Hill home.

Renato Sacramento says that Alexis' grandmother and aunt are members of their church, just one block from their Beacon Hill home.

Alexis aunt told the Washington Post they hadn't seen him in years.

There have been reports that 73-year-old John Johnson, an engineer and victim of the shooting, graduated from Pacific Lutheran University.