FBI: Dangerous felon may be traveling through Wash.

SEATTLE -- A dangerous felon and registered sex offender could be traveling through Washington after escaping custody in Montana earlier this month, according to the FBI.

Kevin Briggs, already on probation for 2004 convictions for sexual intercourse without consent, aggravated kidnapping, escape and burglary, assaulted a woman Feb. 1 in Bozeman, Mont., according to the FBI.

When police located Briggs, who was studying chemical engineering at the time of the incident, he reportedly hit an officer in the face before eventually escaping custody.

The FBI believes Briggs bought a one-way ticket to Spokane following the incident and could be staying in homeless shelters while traveling through Washington.

Briggs -- who also goes by Kevin Bacon, Aimee MacIntire, Timothy McCoy and James Meismer -- may be growing a beard and dying his hair black to avoid detection, according to the FBI.

The FBI is offering up to $10,000 for information that leads to the arrest of Briggs, who it considers armed and dangerous.