FBI: Buddy Bandits, Rabid Fan Bandit teamed up to rob 16 banks

SEATTLE -- Like some sort of real-life Legion of Doom, a group of six suspected criminals with colorful monikers have been arrested* after teaming up to rob 16 banks, according to the FBI.

Various law-enforcement agencies have been looking for a suspect they were calling the Rabid Fan Bandit because he always wore a different sports team's hat since March and a group of suspects dubbed the Buddy Bandits because they worked in a team since the beginning of April.

As of Monday, all six suspects have been arrested, according to the FBI.

Jeff Black, 27, was arrested April 11 in Kent on an unrelated warrant. Vincent Thompson, 31, was arrested April 16th in Spanaway. Robert Adams, 31, was arrested April 21 in Des Moines.

Three other juvenile suspects were arrested in Federal Way April 12 through April 14.

According to the FBI, it is believed Adams, probably the Rabid Fan Bandit, was teaching the Buddy Bandits, likely the juveniles and Black, how to rob banks and then driving them to the crimes.

All six suspects have been charged with robbery.

The Rabid Fan Bandit is suspected in the following robberies:

  • Auburn Chase Bank on March 3
  • Spokane Banner Bank on March 10
  • Covington Chase Bank on March 13
  • Renton Chase Bank on March 19
  • Lakewood Wells Fargo on March 24
  • Tacoma Chase Bank on March 31
  • Puyallup Chase Bank on April 14
  • Des Moines US Bank on April 21

The Buddy Bandits are suspected in the following robberies:

  • Tacoma Chase Bank on April 1
  • Puyallup US Bank on April 7
  • Renton Alaska Federal Credit Union on April 9
  • Kent Alaska Federal Credit Union on April 9
  • Des Moines US Bank on April 9
  • Tacoma Wells Fargo on April 10
  • Kent BECU on April 11
  • Federal Way Bank of America on April 11

*Which, I guess makes the Seattle Safe Streets Task Force the Super Friends in this analogy.

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