Father worries son is among those still buried in mudslide

ARLINGTON, Wash. -- Family members of those still missing after a massive mudslide washed through a small neighborhood, covering dozens of homes, are still anxiously awaiting word of the fate of their loved ones.

For Reed Miller, he fears the worst. His 47-year-old son lived with him right on the river bank in the path of the slide, and Miller says not only does he believe his son is gone, he says it was only a fluke that he wasn't a victim as well.

"Well, he was at home. As far as I know, he's gone," Miller siad. "There's no official that he's been found yet but he could be buried. I just don't know what."

Miller seems a matter of fact kind of guy; he retired from a lumber mill. But somewhere in the horrific square mile of mud and debris is his son. An honest, good guy, who was at home in a house that might have taken the brunt of the slide.

"I was in the grocery store in town, all these ambulances went screaming by the store, heading towards Darrington," he said. "The checkout lady at the store got a call -- a big mudslide up by Oso. Thought, 'Oh God, that's where I live.' She said if you get home, give us a call and let us know you made it home OK. 'Course, I did not make it home."

The side of the mountain had given way before, in 2006.

"But they shored it all up and everything and it seemed extremely stable," he said. "The trees were growing back on it. And everything... I didn't worry about it at all."

The search continues for his son and all the others. And Miller knows how close he came to meeting this disaster head on.

"Well, every Saturday I go shopping. Normal. And if I'd waited, I might have been killed myself."