Father accused of putting 6-week-old baby girl in freezer

TACOMA, Wash. - A six-week old baby is in the hospital after her father reportedly put the little girl in a freezer for an hour on Saturday afternoon to stop her from crying, Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer said.

Tyler Deutsch, 25, was arrested south of the Pierce County town of Roy for investigation of attempted murder, Troyer said. He is in the Pierce County Jail awaiting a Tuesday court appearance.

The little girl, who was taken to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital, had a body temperature of 84 degrees, but is expected to recover, Troyer said.

The girl's 22-year-old mother frantically called police when she saw her boyfriend taking the infant out of the freezer.

Troyer said police believe the baby was left in the freezer for about an hour at the couple's home in the 7600 block of 320th Street South.

Troyer says Deutsch admitted to deputies he put the girl in the icebox, but told them he was only trying to help her. Detectives say the father is now very remorseful.

"It was only a six-week-old kid - can't do much other than cry - and from what we understand he wanted the baby to stop crying so he put the baby in the freezer," Troyer said.

A lot of neighbors didn't want to talk about the case. One man, Sean Marquez, says says he spoke with Deutsch once to ask for help looking for his lost dog - and was surprised by the reaction.

"He just seemed like kind of weird a little bit. Kept to himself, and he was very standoffish," Marquez says.

When the mom came home to find the baby, detectives say at first the child was unresponsive. But medics were able to get her to the hospital in time to save her.

"It could have absolutely turned out a lot different," says Troyer. "The baby could have just been dead and on the way to being frozen. An hour inside of an ice box freezer usually would kill somebody."

Late Monday, KOMO News also learned the baby has several broken bones, indicating more may have been done to the girl than just placing her in the freezer.

"I think that's terrible," said Marquez. "I don't know what's wrong with people. I don't know how somebody can find it in their heart to do something like that."

Court records show Deutsch has prior convictions for forgery and eluding police involving a DUI.