Fan who nearly died at Super Bowl parade reunites with rescuers

SEATTLE -- On one of the most celebratory days in Seattle history, Heather Kelley dropped dead in front of her daughters.

"I was screaming bloody murder," said her 14-year old daughter, Taylor.

Kelley had just returned from the Super Bowl with her husband and told her girls they could skip school to go see the Seahawks in their hometown parade. They were just outside CenturyLink Field in the middle of a crazed crowd when Kelley's heart stopped. She hit her head so hard she had a concussion and didn't remember grabbing her daughter Ryan and then falling.

The girls -- who'd taken CPR classes -- knew immediately what to do.

"In that moment we knew through school and everything if it's a heart thing, CPR can't harm her it can only help her. So I started CPR and my sister started calling 911," Ryan said.

While Ryan did compression on her mother, Taylor said she couldn't reach anyone on 911. But luckily for Kelley, a group of paramedics from the Seattle Fire Department were only 100 yards away when somebody ran to them and told them a woman had collapsed.

On Tuesday the Kelley family reunited with the paramedics who shocked the 49-year old mom back to life.

"The most favorite part of my life right now is to be a mom, and they let me continue to do that," said Kelley.

The first responders were just as excited for the reunion as the family.

"It's pretty remarkable to see somebody that was dead when we first saw her and see her alive now with her kids," said Lt. Luke Schultz.

The reunion took place at VMAC, where the Seahawks were holding training camp. The Kelley girls who never got a chance to see their favorite players at the parade got a one-on-one and high five's from defensive end Greg Scruggs. To avoid any further heart problems, Scruggs suggested Kelley watch the next game against San Francisco from home.