Family says boy pricked by syringe in Christmas present

TOUTLE, Wash. - A 16-year-old boy was stabbed on Christmas by a syringe hidden in his one of his presents. Now, the family waits to find out if he's been infected with HIV.

Tom Basye bought a hoodie sweatshirt at a Longview Walmart on Black Friday. He wrapped it right away to give to his 16-year-old son.

The family says they found two syringes in the pocket of the sweatshirt when Basye's son opened the present and tried it on Christmas morning. One of the syringes didn't have a cap on it.

Basye said they had no idea what was in the pocket until one of the syringes stuck his son in the finger.

Basye said they filled out a complaint at the store but have not heard from the company.

The family won't know for another six months whether their teenager may have contracted some kind of infection. But the hospital where they took him to be checked out said there is not much chance of that happening.

Basye said he's relieved it wasn't more serious but is still concerned and had no idea there were syringes in the pocket of the sweatshirt.